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Special Instructions for Word 97 Users


To make the provided Word templateswork properly with

Microsoft Word 97 use the following instructions


1.                Open Word

2.                Click File

3.                Click open

4.                Click the down arrow and find then double click the Tame-It folder

5.                Double click the template file you want

6.                When the message appears just click ok

7.                Click Tools

8.                Click Mail Merge ( not merge documents )

9.                At # 2 click Get Data

10.          Click Open Data Source

11.          At Type of File click the down arrow and double click the Text File .txt selection

12.          Click Mail Merge, at #3 click Merge, Click Merge, Click Ok

13.          Click File, click Close, when asked if you want to save click No.

14.          Click File, click Save.

15.          Do this same procedure with the other two templates. This will save the templates with the corrected formatting. To create your own mail merge templates you can now use the regular help instructions.


To see and print the merged data in Word 97 do your search and download as per the help pages.


16.          Click File

17.          Click open

18.          Find the Tame-It folder and the template that you want

19.          Double click the template

20.          Click the <<abc>> button to the right of 'insert word field'. This will show you the merged data ready for printing. After printing click file, click Close and if you don't want to save this merge click No.

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